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Puget Sound Diving and Hood Canal shore dive sites in Washington

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Diving after a heavy rain may be hazardous in some locations!

Real time CSO update map!

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Info Page for King County

The Fine Print!!
Remember, only YOU are responsible for dive planning and safety! These maps are intended for general overview of the site and not for navigation purposes; no guarantees of accuracy whatsoever! Pacific NW Scuba and its instructional staff can not and will not be held liable in any way for use of these maps.
Use at your own risk!

Alki - Seacrest Cove 1 [dive site map]

Thanks to Byron Bishop and Rick Myers for the photo and site map!

Alki - Seacrest Cove 2 [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

Retaining wall for gearing up as well as stairs to the beach.
The building behind houses bathrooms and a little seafood cafe.

  • Thanks to Len Francies, Scott Marlow and Paul Muesegades for the dive site map!

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  • Please be very considerate of neighbors
  • No loud voices or using compressed air to clean off dust caps
  • Please use restroom facilities elsewhere before arriving
  • Only enter and exit on public easement - the rest of the beach is private
  • Limit cars - only parking for about 3 cars

Edmonds Underwater Park (aka Bruce Higgins Underwater Trails - BHUT) [aerial photo] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

  • Take I-5 North to Exit 177 (Edmonds Kingston Ferry exit)
  • Follow signs to ferry and onto Hwy 104 West
  • Follow Hwy 104 West for 3.4 miles
  • Exit right towards the Edmonds Kingston Ferry
  • Continue on Hwy 104 West, bypassing the ferry line, but traveling parallel to it, to the bottom of the hill and to the 2nd stoplight.
  • Turn left at the Skippers, (Main Street) cross the railroad tracks, and turn right IMMEDIATELY after the railroad tracks (and an India cuisine restaurant), into the parking lot. (Brackett's Landing)
  • No diving within 300 ft of ferry landing
  • NOTE: Dive site maps are not posted here anymore. Current laminated maps are available for purchase for $10 at Edmonds Underwater Sports Dive Shop. All proceeds from the sales of these maps go toward maintaining and creating new features in the park. This is the main source of income for the park - so please go purchase a map - it's for a great cause!

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Harper's Ferry/Fishing Pier [aerial photo] [aerial photo2] [dive site map1] [dive site map2] [street map and GPS] [review]

- photo by Gina Calloway

  • Located on Kitsap Peninsula south of Bremerton, near Southworth
  • Take Fauntleroy-Southworth ferry from West Seattle. Do not get off at Vashon Island!
  • Follow SE Southworth Drive (Rt 166) West then North for about 2 miles. It will turn and go along the coast
  • About 10 min from the ferry
  • Parking is limited to 4-5 cars
  • Facilities consist of a honeybucket on the fishing pier
  • Great beginner's site, no current, interesting pilings, max depth 35 feet or so.
  • Thanks to Jon Vetten and David Stokes for the dive site maps!

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Hudson Point [aerial photo] [dive site map1] [dive site map2] [street map and GPS] [review]

photo by Rich Zade

  • Port Townsend dive site
  • Watch for boat traffic and current at this site
  • Watch where you park - don't park in private parking areas - violators are towed.
  • Thanks to Richard Zade, our Hudson Point expert for the maps, review and information!

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Jorsted Creek [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

  • Park at turnout along road
  • Steep climb down tree roots to get to beach
  • Surface swim to the left to find the wall

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Keystone Jetty [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

photo by Janna Nichols

  • Just south of the Keystone Ferry Terminal in Fort Casey State Park.
  • 30 miles North of Seattle on Whidbey Island.
  • You can get to the island via the Port Townsend ferry, the Mukilteo ferry or by land on the North side of Whidbey island through Anacortes on Hwy 20.
  • Picnic tables, restrooms and showers.
  • Use Admiralty Head current station for reference to find slack
  • You can also dive in and around the pilings when the current is not running. Very interesting dive! (see photo below)

Photo by Claude Nichols

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Lake Crescent [aerial photo] [dive site map]

Photo and info contributed by LeAnne Livingston

  • From Port Angeles, WA
  • Follow Hwy 101, approximately 25 miles southwest.
  • At milepost 228 turn into the Storm King Ranger Station recreational area.
  • After turning into the recreational area, follow the signs to the left(ish).
  • Bovee's Meadow is directly adjacent to Lake Crescent Lodge.

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Les Davis Park[aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

Photo by Laurie Hannula - Pacific Watersports

  • Stairs are in place thanks to the Washington Scuba Alliance!
  • Take I-5 to Tacoma
  • Take Exit 133 - City Center/705
  • Follow the City Center/Tacoma Dome exit to Schuster Parkway
  • Follow Schuster Parkway to Ruston Way.
  • Stay left onto Schuster Parkway
  • The left lane will turn into Ruston Way.
  • Follow Ruston Way approximately 1-1/2 miles
  • The site is immediately after the red fire boat.
  • Watch your speed. There are a lot of police patrols at these locations.
  • No diving within 100 yards of pier.
  • Not recommended for night diving - this area (streets, park and parking lot) is a bit scary at night

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Mike's Beach [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

  • Thanks to Leanne Howard and Deborah Cooley for the dive site map!

Mukilteo Fuel Dock [aerial photo] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

This will be the location of the new Washington State Ferry Dock, so this site will be closed. (September 2014)

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Mukilteo Lighthouse Park [aerial photo] [dive site map1][dive site map2] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

  • This used to be called Mukilteo State Park.
  • There is no longer a parking fee for park visitors.
  • Stay 100 ft away from the boat ramp please.
  • Thanks to John Hynd, Pam Norton, Andy Norton, and Laura Orlich for the detailed maps!

Mukilteo T-Dock [aerial photo] [dive site map][street map and GPS] [review1] [review2] [review3]

Thanks to LeAnne Livingston for the dive site map!

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Norrander's Reef [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

photo by Claude Nichols

Norrander's Reef is the northernmost reef in a complex of reefs and rocks that may be accessed from Rockaway Beach Park on the SE side of Bainbridge Island. To get to Rockaway Beach Park:

  • Either take the Seattle to Bainbridge ferry (coming from the east) or State Hwy 305 (coming from the west) to Winslow on Bainbridge Island.
  • Turn West (left at the first light as you leave the ferry; right if you are coming south on 305) onto Winslow Way E.
  • Turn right onto Eriksen Ave NE ( just a few blocks from 305)
  • Turn left onto Wyatt Way. (You can turn right onto Weaver Road if you want to use the restrooms at Rotary Park before your dive.)
  • Follow Wyatt Way until it reaches a T intersection
  • Turn left at the T onto Bucklin Hill / Eagle Harbor Drive NE. You'll be going around Eagle Harbor, so you'll catch glimpses of the water now and then.
  • Take the first left - Eagle Harbor Drive NE towards Eagledale.
  • Follow Eagle Harbor Drive NE toward Eagledale until it takes a right turn and turns to the right (south) and becomes Rockaway Beach Drive.
  • Follow Rockaway Beach Drive past all the houses until you reach Rockaway Beach Park on the left / water side of the road.
  • There are signs showing the location of the park and a low black chain link fence runs along the parking area in front of the park.
  • Thanks to Wes Nicholson for the dive site map.
  • See also the posting for Rockaway Beach below for more maps

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Octopus Hole [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

  • Octopus Hole is located on Hood Canal between the towns of Lilliwaup and Hoodsport. It is 39 miles from Olympia.
  • Follow I-5 North to Exit 104, Port Angeles / Ocean Beaches
  • Drive 5.8 miles and turn right at the Highway 101/Highway 8 junction toward Shelton and Port Angeles.
  • Continue north on Highway 101 to Hoodsport.
  • Drive through Hoodsport to the Finch Creek Bridge (north side of town).
  • Go north for 3.1 miles to a turnout on the right side of the roadway where the road drops down to the water and there are no trees between the road and the water.
  • Park alongside the road.
  • Thanks to David Lei for the dive site map

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Point Whitney [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

Point Whitney is located just a smidge north of Brinnon, WA on Hood Canal. There is a WDFW Shellfish Lab there, ample parking, bathrooms open all year, boat ramp and wetlands. The underwater attraction is both a pipeline as well as various artificial reef material around. Park about halfway between the sign (in the photo) and the pilings (on the right in the photo). To get your exact entry point to easily find the pipeline, (which starts in about 15 feet at zero tide), face the chain link fence, find the gap in the fence, and go 3.5 fence sections to the left. You'll want to enter the water straight out from this point. The pipeline starts in about 15ft of water, and ends in about 90-100 feet of water. Between the pipeline and the pier, there are numerous artificial reef structures scattered about the bottom in 40 feet of water or less. Explore!

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Rockaway Beach [dive site map]

Photo and directions contributed by LeAnne Livingston

Directions to Rockaway Beach Park:
From downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island, WA
1. Head south on WA-305 S toward Winslow Way E for 105 ft
2. Take the 1st right onto Winslow Way E for 0.3 mi
3. Turn right onto Madison Ave N for 0.3 mi
4. Take the 1st left onto Wyatt Way NW for 0.9 mi
5. Turn left onto Eagle Harbor Dr NE for 0.2 mi
6. Take the 1st left to stay on Eagle Harbor Dr NE for 2.5 mi
7. Continue onto Rockaway Beach Rd NE for 1.0 mi (destination on left)

See also the posting for Norrander's Reef above for more maps

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Redondo Beach [aerial photo] [dive site map] [dive site map2] [dive site map3] [Underwater Compass Course] [street map] [review]

  • Thanks to Tom King for dive site map 1, Wes Nicholson for dive site map 2, and Chris Finley for dive site map 3!
  • Parking lot has a fee, but the boat wash station is great for dive gear! Showers for divers have now been added nearby. Be sure to visit the Marine Science Center next door if it's open!
  • Please note that there is an Underwater Memorial to Steve Golden near the VW and the items left here are in a NO-TAKE zone. Please respect this area.
  • UPDATE June 13th: The stairs are now reopened with a temporary fix. There are sandbags piled up for the bottom portion of the stairs. The City of Des Moines is working on obtaining permitting and will be adding a bottom step soon. Use caution!

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Saltwater State Park [Google Satellite Map] [dive site map1] [dive site map2]

  • Another excellent map! (map2) Jeremy Brown (Divemaster for Dave Rintoul - Dive Canuck Scuba) has created a great reference map for us to use. Thank you Jeremy for the nice detail.
  • Thanks to Jeremy Chevalier and the NW Adventure Divers for a brand spankin' new (and totally cool) dive site map (map1). Visit Jeremy's website at www.theperfectdive.com for more maps and dive site reviews.
  • Saltwater State Park has a new artificial reef (Feb 2009) and is a marine reserve. 4 white buoys mark edges. (latest info - Jun 2009 - is that only one buoy isleft - the others have gone walkabout...but should soon be replaced)
  • Most of the old tire reefs have been removed. Old decrepit barge remains are still there.

Shilshole Bay Barges and Wreck of the Omar [aerial photo] [dive site map] [dive site map2-sonar] [street map]

This is a boat dive only. The distances and bearings on the dive site map are approximate, and have not been measured. Map is oriented magnetic North up. Both barges are aligned approximately 090 magnetic. Omar is facing approximately 180 magnetic. Sea life includes: Rockfish, Ling and Cabezon on the Omar. Brooding anemones, Rockfish and Octopus on the barges, Decorated warbonnets on the Rock. Hazards include: ghost nets, boat traffic from Shilshole Marina and barges that are sometimes parked at the coast guard buoy. The bouy has recently been moved about 50 ft with additional chain. The buoy moves in about a 100ft radius depending on current, wind and size of barges tied up to it. GPS:

  • Vertical Barge: N47 40.39 W122 25.322
  • Horizontal Barge: N47 40.432 W 122 25.381
  • Wreck of the Omar: N47 40.378 W122 25.335
  • Many thanks to Dan Ritchie for providing this information.

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Sund Rock [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map] [review1] [review2] [info about Sund Rock Marine Preserve]

photos by Valerie Lyttle, bad stitch job by Janna, so don't blame Valerie!
View from the paid parking lot at Sund Rock. Sund Rock is to the right, and
the North Wall to the left.

The 'free' way - Sund Rock is in the distance
after a surface swim across the bay.

There are two ways to access Sund Rock from shore. One is to go to Hoodsport N Dive and pay a $15 access fee, after which they will give you a key and directions to an entry point that is right at Sund Rock. The other way (the FREE way) is via a trail through the woods and involves a surface swim. (took me only 7 minutes last time I did it) The above photo shows the entry near a white post, and the swim across the little bay to Sund Rock at the other side.

  • Take I-5 to Olympia
  • Take Exit 104 to Hwy 101 North and go 5.8 miles
  • Take exit at Hwy 101/Hwy 8 junction towards Shelton and Port Angeles
  • Continue north on Hwy 101 for 28 miles to Hoodsport, then 2.0 miles north of the Finch Creek Bridge to a turnout on the right side of the roadway, 1/2 mile past Mile Marker 330.

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Sunnyside Beach [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map] [review]

  • The parking fee is $4 (you'll need exact change)
  • Thanks to Erick Stemmerman for the great map!

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Sunrise Beach County Park [aerial photo] [dive site map][dive site map 2] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

photo by Claude Nichols

  • Cross Tacoma Narrows Bridge toward Gig Harbor
  • Drive 3.3 miles and exit at the Gig Harbor/City Center exit
  • Turn right at the stoplight onto Pioneer Way
  • Drive down hill into Gig Harbor
  • Turn left at stop sign at bottom of hill onto Harborview Drive
  • Follow roadway all the way around Gig Harbor
  • At the T, turn left onto Crescent Valley Drive NW
  • Turn right at fire station onto Drummond Drive NW
  • Follow road up hill
  • At top of hill turn right at stop sign onto Moller Drive NW
  • Drive .2 miles, then turn left onto Sunrise Beach Drive NW
  • Follow road for .5 mile then turn left into Sunrise Beach Park
  • Park in upper parking area
  • Thanks to Larry Leach for dive site map 1, and Guillaume Simonnet, Jim Warner and Luciano Mandryk for dive site map 2!

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Three Tree Point North [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review] Beach Access will temporarily open March 25th 2017. Construction is awaiting parts. Once parts arrive, construction will resume, and beach access will be closed again.

Titlow Beach [aerial photo] [aerial photo 2] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review1] [review2]

Thanks to Rush Zeigenfelder for the dive site map!

photo by Claude Nichols

  • Take I-5 to Tacoma
  • Take exit 132, the exit for Hwy 16 / Bremerton - Gig Harbor
  • Take Hwy 16 to Jackson Ave., last exit before the Narrows bridge
  • Turn left on to N Jackson Ave.
  • Turn right onto 6th Ave.
  • Go down the hill, past the park to the end of the road
  • Please note: The parking situation has changed, and the old lot where we used to park is now Steamer's Seafood Cafe parking. (their lot adjacent to the cafe was shut down). Please be considerate of their customers and park along the street if possible during peak restaurant hours.

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Tolmie State Park [aerial photo] [dive site map] [street map and GPS] [review]

Photo by Janna Nichols

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