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Bimini, the Bahamas
While in Bimini (5/21/03-6/2/03), I visted and dove with a good friend of mine from college, Melanie Philippi, who has been the senior staff member of Bimini Undersea for the past 8 years. Melanie is the one who started it all by introducing me to diving back in 1992!

photos ©2003 Nicolle Pratt
Porcupinefish (aka Spotted Spiny Puffer)
French Grunts and Blackbar Soldierfish
Barrel Sponge and unidentified scallop
Nurse shark
Hawksbill Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle
Coral Head formations
Coral Head formations
The Galant Lady
(thrown ashore during a hurricane and a popular snorkeling spot)
Green Moray Eel
(measuring over 6' in length)
Gray Angelfish
Atlantic White Spotted Dolphins and Brett
Jacknife Fish
French Grunts and one sole White Grunt (far left middle screen)h
Striped Grunts h
Honeycomb Cowfish
Soapfish and Squirrelfish
Adult Rainbow Parrotfish, Yellowtail Snappers, and Sargent Majorsh
Scamp Grouper
Spiny Lobster
Southern Stingray


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