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Hood Canal, WA
(February - March 2003)

photos ©2003 Nicolle Pratt
Pacific GIANT Octopus
(This octopus was easily over 10' and the largest octopus we'd seen out in the open I was over 4' away when I took this photo. WOW!)
Pacific GIANT Octopus
(Look at its mantel!)
Pacific GIANT Octopus
(Look at it stretching out)
Pacific GIANT Octopus
(Check out the size of those suckers!)

Special thanks to Randy for spotting this beauty
Wolf Eel next to a Slipper Sea Cucumber
This one was Bryan's find!
Cushion Star
(interesting tidbit: these stars are also called slime stars because they release large amounts of mucus that serves as its protection against fish and other predators. Ew! Great protection...anyone got a hankie?)
Looked like I was diving on the moon with these weird looking dead Cloud Sponges
A Quillback Rockfish hanging near Cloud Sponges

Orange Sea Cucumber

Kelp Crab helping itself to an oyster
Bryan & Randy
(my dive buddies!)
Beautiful end to a great day of diving. Can you believe it was February 1st!!??


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