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Hood Canal, WA
(June-August 2003)

photos ©2003 Nicolle Pratt
Giant Pacific Octopus
Giant Pacific Octopus female tending to her eggs
(females will not leave their den while sitting on eggs, thus turning white and eventually dying once their babies are born)
Giant Nudibranch
(you can't tell by this picture, but the nudibranch's head to the right is buried in the bottom feeding on a Tube Dwelling Anemone. we saw it "strike" right before I took this photo.)
Tube Dwelling Anemone
(typical food to the Giant Nudibranch pictured left)
Female Wolfeel
(you can identify this wolfeel as a female by the rounder narrower shape of her head. females also have typically darker colored and less "bumpy" heads than males)
Female Wolfeel
(we swam in the open with this female wolfeel for about 2-3 minutes!)
Crimson Anemone
Opal Squid
Black Rockfish
Painted Greenling
Plainfin Midshipmen
(these fish are typically deep water dwelling fish and are rare to encounter--usually only during the Summer months in shallower water.)
Pile Perch, Striped Perch, and Shiner Perch
(3 of the 4 perch in our waters! only the kelp perch isn't pictured here.)
Lewis's Moonsnail
Rock Sole
(identifiable by the white spots spaced along the side of its body next to its fin. see them?)


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